Before it was time to return back to Sweden again I made sure to take a lot of pictures in our garden, first of all because it’s absolutely beautiful but also to be able to see the difference when we come back.

A lot of things grow and change shape when we are not there thanks to the climate but the most important change will be done by our new gardener that will take care of it all and work his magic for the first time soon.

Pickup the mail in the morning doesn’t hurt when you meet this view ❤ the risk of breaking a leg is much lower in Portugal then in Sweden now where it’s -10 C and snow/ice all over the place ?

We are really looking forward to ”using” our fruits from the garden next season, and hopefully know what everything is ?

I’m pretty ”old school” and I love to try new things so my boys will definitely have to start eating jam, pickled veggies and juice ?

I will probably be a ”annoying” customer ? to our gardener as my plan is to ”interrogate” him regarding all the fruits so I make sure that I know what is what and what I can put in the pot ?

Everything was so green and was in full bloom in the middle of the winter. It’s such a big contrast to get back to Sweden and see the difference. We have a totally amazing garden and the decision to get a gardener was perfect, we love to continue enjoying everything that the garden produce and carry on the legacy that the old man before us started, he has put in so much energy and love in developing this garden ❤ ( but I think that the grapes has to go as they look as raisins when we forget to give them water and they spread like a plague all over the place ?)

No grapes in this picture ? But this cool plant (I have to call it that as I have no idea what it is ?) grow next to our driveway and was in full bloom when I took this picture. Does anyone know what it is? Please comment below.

Beautiful and green everywhere, a bit too much weed in this picture but we left it for the gardener so he has something to do when he starts ?

But still, it’s so beautiful to see that all the plants are growing all year around and you get in a great mood when you see all the colors, after all, it’s in the end of December when these pictures are taken, in the middle of the winter ?

The couple that lived here before us left a lot o different small pots with plants in ? here and there, it’s gonna be so nice to take care of them also and make sure that they live and prosper around our garden ?

I guess I don’t have to tell you that we are reeeeally looking forward to going back? ?